Texturas Albert y Ferran Adrià

Since its creation in 1997, elBullitaller’s aim has been to expand the range of textures that can be used in the kitchen. As a result of this research, techniques such as foams, clouds, etc. have been created, representing an evolution in his style.

The Texturas range is essential if you want to incorporate some of our most famous techniques into your kitchen, such as hot jellies, air, gelatine caviar or spherical ravioli.

The products that make up the five families – Spherification, Gelification, Emulsification, Thickeners and Surprises – are the result of a rigorous selection and testing process. Texturas is the beginning of a world of magical sensations that has expanded over the years.


Spherification is a spectacular culinary technique, introduced at elBulli in 2003, that allows you to create recipes never before imagined. It is the controlled gelling of a liquid which, when immersed in a bath, forms spheres. There are two types: Basic Spherification (which consists of immersing a liquid with algin in a calcic bath) and Reverse Spherification (immersing a liquid with gluco in an algin bath). These techniques make it possible to obtain spheres of different sizes: caviar, eggs, gnocchi, ravioli… In both techniques, the spheres obtained can be manipulated as they are slightly flexible. We can introduce solid elements into the spheres, which remain suspended in the liquid, thus obtaining two or more flavours in one preparation. In basic spherification, some ingredients require the use of citrus to correct the acidity; in reverse spherification, xanthan is usually used to thicken. Spherification requires the use of specific tools, which are included in the kits.


Jellies are one of the most characteristic preparations of classical cuisine and have evolved with modern cuisine. Until a few years ago, they were mainly made with gelatin sheets (known as “fish tails”); since 1997, agar, a derivative of seaweed, has been used.

The kappa and iota carrageenans are also obtained from seaweed and have specific properties of elasticity and firmness that give them their own personality.

To complete the family, we present gellan, which makes it possible to obtain a rigid and firm gel, and methyl, with high gelling power and great reliability.


The Lecite product, which is used to make aerated preparations, has been joined by two other products, Sucro and Glice. The main feature of the latter is its ability to combine two phases that cannot be mixed, such as fatty and aqueous media. This makes it possible to create emulsions that would otherwise be very difficult to achieve.


Products have always been used in the kitchen to thicken sauces, creams, juices, soups, etc. Starch, cornstarch, flour are the traditional thickeners used, with the disadvantage that a significant amount has to be added, which affects the final flavour.

With the Xantana family of thickeners, we present a new product capable of thickening cooking preparations with a minimum quantity and without altering the initial flavour characteristics in any way.


It is a line of products whose main characteristic is the possibility of consuming them directly, either on their own or mixed with other ingredients and preparations.

These are products with different characteristics, but with a common denominator, their special texture, specific and unique to each of them, effervescent in the case of Fizzy, Malto and Yopol, and crunchy in Crumiel, Trisol and Crutomat. Flavours and textures that can be a fantastic and surprising solution for refining both sweet and savoury recipes.