Bodega 1900

(2013 – 2020)

Bodega 1900 was a project that Albert had always wanted to do, even before he opened Inopia, and which he could not carry out in Inopia or Tickets because of the natural evolution of these two concepts.

Finally, in July 2013, he opened Bodega 1900 as a tribute to our past, to vermouth, to traditional restaurants. In general, to a true Spanish and Catalan tradition that everyone has, more or less, in their memory. It inherits the local custom of drinking vermouth and proposes traditional recipes, without intending to be a tapas bar.

The proposal is made up of traditional recipes such as salted fish, pickles, stews, cold cuts, marinades, preserves and charcoal cooking, all naturally using the best products available on the market every day, prepared with precise techniques that respect these products. Always accompanied by the best vermouth.

Bodega 1900 closed it’s doors in 2020.