Niño Viejo


Albert and Paco Méndez met in 2008 when the latter was on stage at elBulli.
They both agree that Mexican gastronomy has always travelled the world badly and that it has
fame that it did not deserve. This is how the idea of opening a Mexican restaurant in Barcelona was born, since an important part of this gastronomy is urban cuisine.

Albert Adrià & Paco Méndez

It will open its doors in July 2014 and is the first of two concepts by Albert Adrià and Paco Méndez. The two chefs want to contribute to the exportation of authentic Mexican cuisine, and they knew that to do this they had to create two concepts (Hoja Santa and Niño Viejo) in order to fairly represent the wide range of Mexican gastronomy.

Niño Viejo is a tribute to the taco shops, fondas, quesadilla stands, seafood stands, etc. that can be found on the streets of Mexico. An informal and fun concept inspired by the cities of Mexico and its urbanity, with an offer of starters, tacos, aguachiles, tortas… always accompanied by a good margarita or mezcal.

In Hoja Santa, the basis is the traditional Mexican cuisine, its ingredients and ancestral techniques, revised with a modern perspective and, of course, with the touch of Paco Méndez to bring the public closer to a proposal faithful to the flavours of Mexico and it’s culture.

Niño Viejo would close in 2019 to make way for the expansion and sophistication of the Hoja Santa concept.
If you want to continue enjoying Paco Méndez’s cuisine, you can find him at COME, Barcelona.