In March 2006, Albert Adrià opened a new restaurant, Inopia, on Tamarit Street in Barcelona. It is a “classic bar” where you can taste classic tapas and dishes made with top-quality ingredients using the techniques he learnt at El Bulli. A fun bar with communal tables. With a cool seventies atmosphere and a chalkboard to write down the dishes of the day and the prices.

Albert has never hidden his love of tapas, and in fact elBulli has sometimes been seen as a modernisation of the concept. So it is not surprising that when he wanted to open a restaurant in Barcelona, he chose a bar that served the most traditional tapas. The Inopia Classic Bar opened with this vocation, that of recovering not only recipes, but a way of eating and even, as has been said more than once, a way of life. Inopia gave the GASTROBAR its name and established a concept that has opened the way to similar initiatives and a reflection on the eternal debate between tradition and creativity.

His menu included tapas as simple as Russian salad, patatas bravas, fried fish, ham croquettes or tripe, but always surprising because of his gastronomic knowledge and the ingredients used.

In 2010, Albert handed over the business to his partner to devote himself exclusively to what would become Tickets and the 41º cocktail bar.